Polycarbonate Awnings

Mondi Aluminum awnings are made to measure and feature long term weather resistance. They are UV and impact resistant as well, which means they are virtually unbreakable. These polycarbonate awnings can be installed over balconies, doors or even windows.

Installing an awning is one of the most recommended solutions to protect your building from various weather risks and conditions. Our years of expertise allows us to expertly install solid, durable awnings on aluminum frames. Our awnings are made from polycarbonate panels. You can choose your preferred color: black, brown, sand or white.

Built To Last

Mondi polycarbonate awnings are built and installed with durability and structural integrity in mind. Our professional installers will make sure that no matter the weather, your awning remains functional and structurally solid.

Whether you are looking for a simple and effective awning or a completely new aluminum staircase, fencing, railing and/or balcony installation, Mondi Aluminum is there for you in Montreal, Laval, and all surrounding areas.

Product Gallery

Available Colours in Polycarbonate




Misty Green

Red Brick

Silver Solar

Smooth Cream

Solar Grey