Aluminum Spiral Stairs

Spiral aluminum stairs are ideal for multiplex housing that have restricted space and confined areas. They feature extruded and cast aluminum perforated steps, weld-free mechanical assembly with stainless steel bolts, and they are rust and maintenance-free as well.

Spiral aluminum staircases are also ideal for main stairs, loft conversions, changes in floor levels and access to balconies or verandas. As well as domestic residences they are also used in shops, offices, and cafes both as practical staircases and visual statements. The aluminum castings are one-third of the weight of traditional cast iron versions with the same strength capabilities, making them practical for second-floor applications as often no additional reinforcement is needed in the floors to accommodate the weight. They are ideal for both internal and external use.

Modern Beauty & Functionality

Very appealing to the eye, yet highly practical, they add a stunning effect to any building, inside or out. It can be the centerpiece of the room, a feature on the patio, or offer a whole new look to the garden. Therefore, whether your application is internal or external, look no further than our Mondi aluminum spiral stairs.

Our cast aluminum spiral staircases are just as strong and durable as any cast iron staircase on the market and provide the same classic aesthetic. Unlike cast-iron staircases, they are just a third of the weight, which makes them ideal for loft conversions and other upper-floor applications.

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