Aluminum Columns Montreal

Mondi Aluminum offers decorative and architectural aluminum columns in Montreal, made up of bases, shafts and decorative rings. Our columns combine incredible load-bearing support and beauty. We offer a wide variety of widths to suit any architectural design. They are weather-resistant, making them immune to warping or splitting. Enhance your home and add aesthetic appeal with our beautiful columns during your remodel, or even new home construction.

Uses Of Aluminum Columns

Our architectural and decorative aluminum columns in Montreal can also be used as structural elements and can be used outdoors for porches, terraces, gazebos, verandas, and patios. They can be used indoors as well for decoration in homes, restaurants, mezzanines, and lofts.

Consider the advantages of our columns in comparison with columns in cast iron. Our columns and pillars are three times lighter than similar items in cast iron and are thus much easier to handle and to install. Furthermore, our decorative columns can be delivered at the exact height you need.

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