Aluminum Handrails

Our aluminum handrails are perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. They match seamlessly with any of our aluminum railings and provide great fit, form and function and are just as durable and long lasting as any of our other aluminum products.

Superior Quality That Lasts

Aluminum has properties that make it the ideal choice for many applications, including handrails. Among its great properties: corrosion resistance, high strength, low weight among others. Painted aluminum handrails are superior to other railings using other materials including PVC, since they have virtually no maintenance costs and will certainly outlive the structure they are installed on.

Benefits Of Aluminum Handrails

LOW MAINTENANCE: Aluminum railings do not need to be painted every year unlike other materials like wood or metal. Properly painted and coated aluminum extrusions will last many years with only periodic cleaning required. The beauty of aluminum is that even if the paint is scratched to the base metal, the aluminum will not corrode in most environments.

SAFETY: Structurally, aluminum railings will not rot or decay like wood, won’t rust away in the critical joints like steel or cast iron, and won’t crack in the cold like PVC.

ESTHETICS: With aluminum, we can create fine shapes much like iron, or wider shapes similar to wood. The consumer can create, mix & match to their heart’s content. Of course, the durability of aluminum means it will be looking good and fulfilling its function long after any other material would have begun to show its age.

RECYCLABLE: Aluminum is completely recyclable. It is one of the most recycled products in the world. It’s high scrap value means that factory cut-offs AND job site leftovers are carefully saved for sale to scrap yards. With almost no value, wood, PVC, steel and composites are destined for the dump.

CORROSION RESISTANT: Rust is not only unsightly, but slowly reduces the strength of the handrail. Aluminum will not corrode in most environments.

WEATHER RESISTANT: UV rays break down wood and PVC based products. Heat and humidity can compound the UV damage on plastic products like PVC. For wood, once the UV has caused sufficient damage, heat and humidity will allow microorganisms to flourish and biodegrade the wood. Your aluminum handrail will never lose its structural integrity!

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