Winter Deck Ideas for Beauty and Function

When you begin to notice the days getting shorter and the nights getting slightly chillier, it’s usually a sign to start clearing up your deck of its summer accessories. After all, it doesn’t make sense to keep it filled with chairs, umbrellas, and decor items in the middle of winter, right? Not necessarily so. With […]

How to Clean an Aluminum Fence Material Professionally?

In the lazy, hazy days of a Montreal summer, driving down any suburban street on or around the island is a visual treat. Manicured lawns, freshly planted flowers, and scores of newly-paved driveways create a sense of joyous zen that accompanies the splendor of the summer season. That is, unless, a dirty, dull, or rusted […]

Modern Aluminum Driveway Gates

The security of your home and the privacy of your family depend on modern aluminum driveway gates as two things that everyone values. When you have a driveway gate installed on your property, it adds an extra layer of security and protection to your home. Installing a driveway gate not only increases your privacy but […]

Why Is An Aluminum Gate So Beautiful?

The first time you see an aluminum gate, it’s hard not to wonder why so many people find these structures so beautiful. After all, they’re basically just chunks of metal with a few embellishments and windows thrown in. How can something like that be worth the money and effort required to install one? There are […]

How to Cut Aluminum Railing Safely: Professional Installation

Professional installation of aluminum railing is essential for a safe and secure finished product without having to worry about how to cut aluminum railing. Homeowners should never try to cut or drill aluminum railing on their own. Doing so can lead to serious injuries, lacerations, infection, or worse. If you’re planning to upgrade the look […]

How to Install Aluminum Fence: A Guide to Choosing the Best Aluminum Fence for Your Home

How to install aluminum fence material if you live in an area with a lot of trees, a wooden fence might not be the best option for you. Wooden fences are prone to rotting and need regular maintenance to keep them looking nice. In contrast, an aluminum or steel fence will last much longer and […]

Welded Aluminum Staircases & Railings: The Best Choice for You

Welded Aluminum Staircases & Railings: Why They’re the Best Choice for You Did you know that welded Aluminum Staircases & Railings, as well as their railing counterparts, are the perfect choice for any home? They’re not just reserved for outdoor spaces or industrial buildings – they are also great for indoor use. Aluminum is a […]

Privacy Panels: A Must Have for Your Outdoor Space!

Outsiders, workers, and guests need to feel comfortable in your outdoor space. Privacy panels are a great way to keep the comfort levels high while maintaining security and confidentiality. They’re also perfect for homeowners that need to maintain confidentiality but still want an open ambiance. Wooden panels add warmth and character, keeping occupants cozy while […]

Buying a New Aluminum Gate for Your Home

When you have a yard, it’s nice to have a gate that can keep your pets in and pesky neighbors out. However, it’s also nice to have a gate that is attractive and functional. On that note, when it comes to home improvements, why not consider a new aluminum gate? You might not realize it, […]

Heritage Staircase with Mondi Aluminum

Installing a heritage staircase, or a newer staircase is no easy feat. It can be one of the most difficult renovations you’ll ever have to undertake. It also happens to be one of the most exciting and rewarding. Using professional services and high-quality installation is what Mondi Aluminum does every day for our clients. A […]