Aluminum Decking System

As with all our aluminum products, our aluminum decks are maintenance-free and built for durability. They are also waterproof and feature anti-skid capabilities. Super durable during the winter months and perfect for summer due to them being cooler to the touch than wood or concrete, makes aluminum decking perfect all year round!


Why Aluminium Decking?

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: 100% recyclable with no downgrading of its properties and very little energy required for re-melting.

APPEARANCE: features the striking, modern, clean and crisp aesthetic of aluminium.

ECONOMICAL: saves money over time due to its longevity and the non-diminishing cash value of scrap aluminium.

NON-SLIP: ridges or drainage holes are machined into the aluminium decking meaning the decking adheres to safety regulations. This also ensures effective drainage reducing surface water, which, in turn, aids longevity.

VIRTUALLY MAINTENANCE-FREE: aluminium is an extremely durable metal meaning the decking does not need replacing or on-going surface treatment as an alternative such as hardwood might.

DURABLE: aluminium is an extremely hard-wearing metal making it ideal for structures that need to withstand a large amount of use.

LIGHT-WEIGHT: Whilst being a very durable metal, aluminium is also relatively light. This means it is easy to transport to site and can be cut to length with a saw once at its destination if necessary.

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New elegant bullnose border

8” aluminum board

New aluminum step to match your deck top

Interlocking deck top