When you begin to notice the days getting shorter and the nights getting slightly chillier, it’s usually a sign to start clearing up your deck of its summer accessories. After all, it doesn’t make sense to keep it filled with chairs, umbrellas, and decor items in the middle of winter, right? Not necessarily so. With the right advice and guidance for winter deck ideas, your backyard can be just as cozy, homey, welcoming and functional in December as it is in June! Additionally, late autumn to early winter is the perfect time to perform some preventative maintenance and general upkeep on your deck. Getting in the habit of doing so at this time of year (and also in the early spring, after the thaw) will help prolong your deck’s life as well as keep it looking fresh and new!

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Ideas for a Winter Deck Wonderland

Part of the reason why winter seems so depressing is the lack of vibrancy and color present when you look out the window and are faced with a blanket of white. Here are a few tips to beat the drabness of winter with some decor ideas!


Most people put up lights only around the holidays but there’s no reason to wait till December to spruce up your deck. Strings of strategically placed deck lights can brighten up your view on even the loneliest of winter nights, and provide some much-needed color to the whites, grays, and blacks that pervade the winter season.

Winter Accessories

Obviously, Christmas trees, snowmen, and plastic reindeer go a long way to brighten up the sombreness of the winter season, but they are not the be-all and end-all of winter deck decor ideas. Decorative signs, potted seasonal plants (plastic or natural, depending on the climate), and one-of-a-kind statues or sculptures can go a long way to beautifying your deck.

Winter Furniture

Creating an outdoor gathering place as a winter deck idea is contingent on several factors, not the least of which is how severe the weather gets in your area of the world. If your winters are not especially harsh or don’t see massive amounts of snow, then putting out wooden deck chairs to enjoy the view with a warm cup of cocoa is a great way to relax and unwind. This is especially true if you have an awning or covering that secures you from the elements and a heat source such as a lamp or small fireplace.

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Ideas for Winter Deck Maintenance

Keeping your deck in good condition is a matter of conscientious attention to details both small and large. For example, taking the time to thoroughly inspect your deck at least twice a year for any structural or cosmetic damage is a solid practice. When it comes to specific ideas for winter deck maintenance, it’s always a good practice to routinely clean your deck of debris such as fallen leaves, dirt, and snow. As well, as move or remove planters and furniture to clean under them. Both practices will reduce the chance of decaying matter causing moss, mold, or algae to form on the wood, and will protect against rot. When it comes to shoveling snow, do so with a plastic (NOT metal) shovel to avoid chipping or scratching your deck. You should also shovel with the grain of the wood rather than against it, to avoid creating cracks or dents. Finally, you should avoid using salt to melt ice at all costs. Salt disrupts the natural contraction and expansion of wood when it encounters outdoor temperatures and humidity conditions. Using it can cause cracks and spaces for more ice to warp the wood and corrosion to seep in, so it’s best to use natural ice melters. Following these tips will keep your deck protected from the winter and looking like new come spring! Thanks for reading! For more tips or to have any questions regarding outdoor fencing answered, contact us today!