How Much Do Outdoor Stairs Cost?

The cost for new outdoor stairs can seem large when you first start planning for an upgrade or repairs. However, the benefit is that as a Homeowner the cost is added as value to your property overall. The material cost can range from the $100s to $1000s for a staircase or an entire stair and railing combination.    As the scope of the project can vary and to save even more money you can consider doing the installation yourself. Though with Mondi Aluminum being experts in outdoor stairs you can expect all your questions and concerns answered, and a professional installation. Ensuring for safety and quality with your outdoor stair needs.   outdoor stairs building

What is the best material for outdoor stair treads?

The options for stairs can range from stainless steel, steel, wood, and or aluminum. Our recommendations are always to go with Aluminum stairs because they come with a lifetime warranty, are easy to clean, and maintain their appearance for years. It is important to consider durability, aesthetics, and quality for outdoor staircases because they will face different elements, Canadian weather can be extreme. outdoor_stairs_townhouse

What is the code for outdoor stairs?


Outdoor stairs width code

The outdoor staircase building and safety requirements are provided by the IRC (International Residential Code) & IBC (International Building Code). The minimum width is 36 inches without interference. The exterior of the building stairs have special requirements with how they are built, used, location, and put together. The reason for this is to ensure that all safety considerations are met and functional for outdoor stairs. These types of details are what make Mondi Aluminum a great choice for your stair and railing needs. Our many years of expertise and growing list of customers have helped Mondi Aluminum provide value. For more information you can review our blog articles or contact us directly for any questions.