Benefits of Aluminum Gates For Residential and Commercial Buildings

The entrance to any building can be welcoming and that includes aluminum gates in Montreal. The consequences of having a subpar, badly maintained entrance are not worth the headache. Degraded and broken gates do not make a good impression on guests or clients when they enter a property. This is a great example of why these days, many are considering an investment toward new aluminum gates – the best type of gates that are durable, look clean and remain elegant and safe for a long time. Our high-quality gates can serve as security while looking good too. With Mondi Aluminum, not only do we provide professional, expert aluminum gate installation, we also back it up with our guarantee. Experience the confidence and security that an aluminum gate brings, along with high-quality installation expertise from Mondi Aluminum.Quite a number of people prefer aluminum because of its lightweight and durability. There are many different designs that can be applied to create unique aluminum gates. Many people choose to use them in their apartments, houses, construction sites, and commercial buildings.aluminum gates front yard

Why Aluminium Gates Are Popular

Aluminum gates are available in a number of colors. Some of the metals that are used to create the aluminum gates include brass, steel, and aluminum. Steel gates are heavier and therefore require a lengthier installation process. This is why they are not preferred. They can be purchased in different designs and a lot of them can be custom manufactured with different dimensions.Aluminum gates can provide a confident security barrier because they are made to withstand pressure and force.aluminum gates style

Different Types Of Metal Gates

There are many types of metal gates made from aluminum and steel however, there are many beneficial features to choosing aluminum gates. They are easily customizable, they can adapt to different installations much better, and can be powder coated to fit the look you want.Many people choose aluminum gates because they are lightweight. One aluminum gate will not weigh more than two to three pounds.Aluminum gates can be used in entrances, entryways as well as interior and exterior gates. The strength and durability of an aluminum gate depend on the quality of the metal that is being used. At Mondi Aluminum, we only use the highest quality metal for our aluminum products.

Aluminum Gates In The Residential Industry

If you are serious about protecting your home from unwanted intruders, getting an aluminum gate can help detract potential trespassers. Aluminum security gates also offer a high level of security due to their strong build, which can withstand the impact of a vehicle or any hard impact.If you are purchasing and installing a custom aluminum gate for your business or home and would like added features like a security padlock, contact us and let us know what your desired functionality needs are. For more information and aluminum gate options you should contact Mondi Aluminum today.

Aluminum Gates In The Commercial Industry

If you are planning to establish a business or a manufacturing unit with modern gates and security systems you may also want to focus on aluminum security gates. These are available in wide varieties. A few of these security gates are single door steel gates, fixed locks, portal openers, even some that are motorized with parabolic locks.


For the best aluminum gates in Montreal with expert installation to match, look no further than the experienced professionals at Mondi Aluminum. Our gates come with a 25 year, limited warranty!For any other questions concerning any of our aluminum products in Montreal, contact us today!