The original clean aluminum deck railing usually comes in low maintenance form, but depending on where you live there can be weather, birds, trees, and other subtle unwanted debris. There is no huge requirement or consistency needed for aluminum decks and that is why they are a great option for your new deck.     When good weather is approaching it is good to clean your deck railings, be sure the weather is warmer anytime between mid spring to mid fall at the latest. It is much easier to clean aluminum decking compared to other materials such as wood, metal or iron.   Here are a few easy ways to keep your aluminum deck railing looking great for the patio season.  

What should I use to clean aluminum deck?

It is simple to use soap and water and a cloth to lightly clean the handles and railings. If you notice the residual grime use fresh water to rinse off the deck with a garden hose or bucket.  

How often to clean your deck railing?

Depending on where you live will determine how often, for example the inner city gets moss, while the beach gets salty air and sun. Aim for 2 to 3 times per year for cleaning to keep it free of intrusion and looking its best.   

How to clean your aluminum deck railing?

Observe any debris or affixed items such as dust, sap, moss, dirt, or grime. This will also allow you to inspect for any damage or other items of concern for your aluminum deck railing. If the deck is loose or rusting be sure to clean and then change them quickly.   Wash over the railings with soap and your cloth or sponge and massage back and forth until the debris is removed and it’s looking cleaner.    Cleanse the washed areas away with clean water and rinse until all visible debris is gone. Repeat this process across the entire aluminum deck railing  

Do not use these items for aluminum decks!

Do not use household cleaners, any products with powerful chemicals such as acid and no abrasive or steel scrubbing pads. The damage can be significant and permanent if too much force or strong agents are used.    The process should be easy and simple and can be easily performed as a routine when needed. The aluminum deck railing systems are known for their low maintenance and long lasting performance. If you want to learn more or ask any questions be sure to contact us at Mondi Aluminum.